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January 22nd, 2015 by The Alliance Group

Breaking the Code

Even the best loss-prevention program cannot prevent all losses. Often an area that is less of a risk-management priority is injury management. In previous posts, I have discussed the importance of selecting healthcare providers who are specifically trained to treat work-related injuries. Assuming you have found a physician who is board certified in occupational and environmental medicine, is this a guarantee that your injured employee... Read Article

What CFOs Need to Know: Utilizing Strategic Initiatives Not Price to Manage Workers Compensation Expenses

Managing the outcome is a common approach to administering workers’ compensation (WC) insurance expense. The risks in this approach, however, are that without strategic initiatives you will always be held hostage by the insurance marketplace. You can take some guidance from your carrier about loss prevention, but for the most part you’ll hope that rates don't increase, that your losses will decrease (so you can... Read Article

Unlock Profit in Your Workers' Compensation Policy

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard prospects say "We already have a credit on our WC policy" or "We don't have a surcharge on our policy." What does this mean? I can only ascribe these statements to clients' misunderstanding—or complete unfamiliarity—of their experience modification rating (EMR). EMR is a factor on all WC policies for companies that have been in business for... Read Article

Paradox in Insurance Agent Compensation on Workers Compensation Insurance

Paradox in insurance agent compensation on Workers Compensation insurance: Agents make more as losses and premiums increase; no incentive to drive losses or premiums down Would you be surprised to learn that there are many compensation remedies to drive down the cost of your workers’ compensation (WC) premium but few insurance agents ever employ them? One reason for this is an agent’s lack of training.... Read Article