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New Jersey Workers' Comp InsuranceAt The Alliance Group we are changing the paradigm of insurance cost management. Our approach has proven successful time and again because of one core tenet; we work to bring insurance solutions that continually assist our clients in staying competitive within their field. At The Alliance Group our Insurance Cost Management & Recovery (ICMR™) Process   is forensic, multi-faceted and yields measurable results year in and year out. It allows you to take back control of your Workers Compensation (WC) expenses from an insurance company, the WC Bureau or anyone else who may be dictating terms to you regarding this large expense.

WC insurance is complicated; often misunderstood by business owners, and managed by many insurance agents in a superficial and reactive fashion. WC has so many moving parts that most agents do not understand it and can rarely explain; in laymen’s terms, a clear and concise way for you to achieve greater savings.

At The Alliance Group our approach is in-depth and proactive. It re-establishes control, of WC expenses that are spiraling out of control, with you. The ICMR™ Process has yielded returns of 20%+ for our clients and has allowed clients to recoup overcharges for up to 3 prior years.

If you are interested in taking control of your insurance buying and insurance expense management experience we would like to have a conversation with you. Our success is measured by delivering insurance solutions that continuously optimize our client’s working capital, shareholder value, profit and competitive edge.

The Alliance Group is a division of Optisure Risk Partners LLC

May 25th, 2015 by The Alliance Group